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Student led initiatives

Amnesty International action group

The Willoughby Girls High School Amnesty International action group is a team of students who choose a new project each term to work on and promote throughout the school community. The action group has written letters, made cards and notified local Members of Parliament of refugee rights and ending the imprisonment of peaceful student protesters through the Write for Writes campaign. During fortnightly meetings students engage with Amnesty's various education resources, discuss key global issues and share ideas on how to promote awareness of these issues. The focus is on "inspiring young people not just to be aware of their rights, but also of their responsibilities" of which a Willoughby Girl is well aware. The Willoughby Girls High School group, and Amnesty's aim, is to spark a human rights movement in our community and to become better global citizens.

Charities Day

Every year Year 12 students, led by the prefects, organise a fun day to raise funds for a charity of their choice. Year 12 students provide activity and food stalls, and engage a secret entertainment for the afternoon. Each Charities Day has a different theme and students and staff dress up to compete for the costume prizes. Prefects are well supported by local businesses who annually donate prizes for guessing competitions and other prizes. 

Environmental education group

In 2015, an environmental education group was established for students interested in leading environmental sustainability and education programs within the school and the community. Students meet fortnightly and are working to establish initiatives to reduce waste and improve the efficient use of resources on the school site and in the homes of students. The group is supported by the environmental education unit at Willoughby Council and a range of non-government organisation. Membership of the group is open to all.

Mufti day

The Student Representative Council (SRC) organises an annual mufti day to raise funds for their chosen charity. Parents assist with the sausage sizzle, students and teachers dress up in costumes around the chosen theme and the whole school is treated to a talent quest in the afternoon. Each year this day raises over $3,000 to be donated to charities such as the International Women's Development Agency.