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About our school

Willoughby Girls High School is a leader in girls' education. 

This is our philosophy:

Academic excellence

A school which aims for the best possible academic outcomes for students where:

  • expectations of individual excellence are the norm
  • students achieve better than expected results
  • teachers use engaging methodologies which intellectually challenge students
  • students are excited about learning and see relevance of their class work
  • subject knowledge, skills and attitudes are taught with rigour
  • gifted and talented students are catered for in both classroom and extracurricular contexts.

Student centred learning

A school where independent learning is part of the fabric of the classroom and the school, which:

  • encourages students to take responsibility for and risks in their learning
  • supports students to excel as individuals, work cooperatively in groups and collaborate to maximise learning and achievement
  • supports the individual learning needs of all students
  • provides opportunities for students to exercise real choice in their own learning
  • trains students to confidently utilise a broad range of technologies
  • develops student capacity for critical reflection and articulation of a wide range of ideas.

Empowering young women

A school which practises contemporary thinking about gender equity, which:

  • ensures that girls have opportunities to succeed
  • fosters and develops student confidence in personal and public arenas
  • empowers girls to develop a consciousness of gender equity
  • develops leadership skills and aspirations in girls
  • promotes positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle
  • enhances career and life prospects for girls.

Good citizenship and values

A school which promotes core values, ethical behaviour and an optimistic view of the future, which:

  • teaches the values of truth, courage, loyalty and personal accountability
  • encourages and rewards student initiative and leadership
  • encourages and responds to a strong student voice
  • ensures that girls feel safe, are cared for and develop self-respect and resilience
  • develops intercultural understanding and is respectful of cultural differences
  • balances individual rights with collective responsibilities and respect for others
  • maintains a sense of order and an environment conducive to learning.

Learning community

A school which values life-long learning, active involvement and continuous improvement, where:

  • students, staff and parents work together to achieve the shared vision of the school
  • students and teachers reflect together on the teaching/learning relationship
  • developmental opportunities are provided for students, staff and parents
  • clear expectations of roles and responsibilities are reflected in policies and procedures.

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